from by Roadtrip God



Yesterday my whole game fell apart
Yesterday the shot I favored broke my heart
Yesterday there was one sun
Now there's two
And yesterday they said it wouldn't happen
Now it's through

And today there's no one left here to say
That now it's all gone
It happened yesterday

The eyes in the sky are wide open
They left us naked under the dust
The eyes in the sky are wide open
And I can see that God is punishing us

And I made peace with the ground
And I am a part of it now
And I, oh
And I, oh

And I made peace with the ground
And I'm a part of it now
And it's burning where we stand 'cause fire knows no emotion
In another world we are the strangers
Just like they say
We're long red marks along the highway

And we float just beneath the surface of the water
And we're quiet, we're careful
So that you don't notice
That we're always behind you
We always surround you
We're the strangers

The strangers


from RTG EP, track released April 26, 2013


all rights reserved



Roadtrip God Inc Glasgow, UK

Roadtrip God Inc is a micro label, releasing music from Roadtrip God, Poison Water and Kepler.

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