Return to Earth EP

by Roadtrip God



Recorded in hell.


released November 27, 2014


all rights reserved



Roadtrip God Inc Glasgow, UK

Roadtrip God Inc is a micro label, releasing music from Roadtrip God, Poison Water and Kepler.

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Track Name: Return to Earth
When I finally return to earth
As a new version of myself
Everything I was
Everything I am
Discard it

And the only reason why
I'd pretend to want to know you
The only reason why
Is to destroy you
Track Name: Flesh and Bone
I needed you to make the change
But now I don't need you
Everything that I resent
Is now contained within you

Shadow cast on flesh and bone
Vivid marks on men of stone
And even if the sun burns out
I won't forget what you have done

Blown out of focus
It's coming and if it has to be
I'd rather it'd be you than me
Track Name: Mountain in Two
I think it's easier
To talk to strangers
They judge
But they don't care
And when you turn away
They won't remember
That you were even there

And I like to get lost in the city

No harm will come to me
From the friendship that I'll avoid
No one will mistreat me
If I choose to be alone

If you climb the giant's back
And cut the mountain in two
It won't understand
It'll collapse on top of you

And I like to get lost in the city
Track Name: Insect Blood
She said
Hey Mr Animalistic Romance
Hey Mr Insect-Blood-On-Your-Hands
I see you, I see you

She asked me
Are these people your friends?
I said
Well honey, it depends
Since they all want money
And I just want you, honey

I told her
I was raised on the dead
I told her
They live in my head
And they mean a whole lot more
Than the dying around me

I don't know what I am
But I know what I'm not
I really did my best
But my hands are still covered in blood