Return to Earth EP

by Roadtrip God



released November 27, 2014


all rights reserved



Roadtrip God Glasgow, UK

Formed in 2009 as a one man band, the project has undergone multiple line-up changes over the years. Since 2016, the band consists of Jeremy Bielecki (founder) and Agathe Monnot, who also perform as Poison Water.

All Roadtrip God releases can be found here, including links to social pages and Poison Water.
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Track Name: Return to Earth
When I finally return to earth
As a new version of myself
Everything I was
Everything I am
Discard it

And the only reason why
I'd pretend to want to know you
The only reason why
Is to destroy you
Track Name: Flesh and Bone
I needed you to make the change
But now I don't need you
Everything that I resent
Is now contained within you

Shadow cast on flesh and bone
Vivid marks on men of stone
And even if the sun burns out
I won't forget what you have done

Blown out of focus
It's coming and if it has to be
I'd rather it'd be you than me
Track Name: Mountain in Two
I think it's easier
To talk to strangers
They judge
But they don't care
And when you turn away
They won't remember
That you were even there

And I like to get lost in the city

No harm will come to me
From the friendship that I'll avoid
No one will mistreat me
If I choose to be alone

If you climb the giant's back
And cut the mountain in two
It won't understand
It'll collapse on top of you

And I like to get lost in the city
Track Name: Insect Blood
She said
Hey Mr Animalistic Romance
Hey Mr Insect-Blood-On-Your-Hands
I see you, I see you

She asked me
Are these people your friends?
I said
Well honey, it depends
Since they all want money
And I just want you, honey

I told her
I was raised on the dead
I told her
They live in my head
And they mean a whole lot more
Than the dying around me

I don't know what I am
But I know what I'm not
I really did my best
But my hands are still covered in blood